Benton N. Sauer

Vice President, Managing Director/Executive Creative Director

LPK Asia

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Keynote Speech: Innovation is SIMPLE, but NOT EASY

Do you always deem that innovation in product R&D and market activities as a flash in the pan? Have you always been asking yourself “Why I did not think about that?” after seeing several simple but effective creative ideas in the market? If so, do not worry, you just have not mastered the tricks there. In this session, Ben Sauer will bring you with multiple international business cases equipped with innovative ideas and a theory of UBA concluded by him, which will help you get the tricks of innovation.

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Benton Sauer, Vice President ManagingDirector/Executive CreativeDirector LPK Asia, is responsible for leading ourmulti-national team andefforts in Singapore and Guangzhou, China. With morethan twenty yearsexperience of FMCG industry about brand strategy, innovationand design, hiscustomers are including : Kellogg Kellogg's, Jim Beam, PringlesPringles,Hershey 's good, Ocean Spray and so on.

Ben has a talent for channeling his energyand entrepreneurialprowess for clients across a wide range of categories. Asthe managing directorfor one of LPK’s core regional business units, Bencreative capacity is matchedby an innate understanding of business strategy.For over two decades, he hasprovided senior leadership and creative directionfor clients spanning adiverse range of industries.

Ben has lead LPK’s innovation practice, andcreated LPKInnoventures® Ideation, a holistic innovation process that deliversnew brandideas, fills brand pipelines and builds business. His experientialapproach toidea generation is inclusive of clients and centered ininterdisciplinaryco-creation as a key factor leading to actionoriented resultsand increasedprobability for initiative success. It also fosters the kind ofintimacy thatnurtures organic client relationships, and Ben has helped LPK growits existingportfolio of clients, in addition to developing a range of newclientrelationships.

Ben has taught at the University ofCincinnati and NorthernKentucky University and frequently lectures on branddesign, innovation andcreativity training. He holds a bachelor’s degree ingraphic design from theUniversity of Cincinnati College of Design,Architecture, Art, and Planning(DAAP).

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