• FBIF 2019 Successfully Held in Hangzhou

    The Food & Beverage Innovation Forum 2019 (FBIF2019), organized by Simba Events, was held in Hangzhou International Expo Center in China on April 23, with 4000 industry professionals discussing open innovation.

  • FBIF2018: Global Innovation, Powering the Future

    Against the consumption upgrading, food and beverage giants are struggling hard while the new categories seize the opportunities to flourish and obtain a high growth. Innovation has become an irresistibly powerful engine pushing the industry ahead. Under the circumstances, how do we grasp the new claims of the “new middle class” and “millennials” to create more business opportunities? How do we better interpret diversified and personalized consumer demands, integrate them into corporate strategies and guide corporate innovation? How do we deal with the tremendous changes in the entire industry chain led by digital technology and give full play to the advantages of this digital age? With these questions, Food & Beverage Innovation

  • 2018 Marking Awards Winners Announced !

    Food & Beverage Innovation Forum (FBIF) committee announced winners of “Marking Awards” on April 18, 2018. This year’s “Marking Awards” has received a total of nearly 400 packaging designs from 124 organizations and agencies worldwide. After the final round, forty excellent works from professional groups (brands, design agencies, suppliers and independent designers) and student groups were selected out and awarded with great honor.

  • Fresh Air Beverage Innovation Contest Rematch List Announced

    FBIF “Fresh Air” Beverage Innovation Contest, schemed and hosted by FBIF (Food and Beverage Innovation Forum) with partner Halmana Food Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, is a beverage product design competition targeted at domestic students in colleges and universities. On Nov. 15th, 2017, the second-year-round “Fresh Air” contest was formally launched. Within a short half a month, we received creative entries from 645 students and teachers of nearly 50 colleges and universities, which include China Agricultural University (CAU), Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU), Zhejiang University (ZJU), Tianjin University of Science and Technology (TUST), Jiangnan University (JU), Tianjin University of Commerce (TUC), Nanchang University (NU), Ocean University of China (OUC), Zhejiang Gongshang University (ZGSU), University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST), Huazhong Agricultural University (HZAU), Northwest University (NWU), Xihua University (XHU), Yantai University (YTU), Zhejiang University of Technology (ZJUT), Jimei University (JMU), Anhui Agricultural University (AAU), Bohai University (BU), South China University of Technology (SCUT), Shandong Agricultural University (SAU), Shanghai Ocean University (SOU), and Northeast Agricultural University (NEAU).