Shell Huang

VP, Asia Pacific R&D

The Coca-Cola Company


HELLO FOODS Prize - Awakening Your Product Capability

This is an era jammed with many key words, snackification, consumption upgrading, internet celebrity economy, new middle class, etc., but it cannot be easily defined by all these words. The life span of products becomes shorter, with the demands for different and new products growing. In order to keep abreast of time, many companies innovate and advance in aspects as that of taste, nutrition, and packaging. In the flood of new products, Hello Foods Prize was born, a feast of global innovative products launched by FBIF committee. It aims at gathering creative brands worldwide together and developing the most innovative food, and ultimately, awakening your product capability.


Speech Time: 14:45 - 16:30 

On-stage Discussion Package Industry Revolution Triggered by “The New Plastics Economy”- Keep Plastics as Valuable Materials in the Economy and out of the Ocean

Background: After 2017 Davos Forum, the new plastics economy has become a hot topic. The FMCG giants would like to make joint effort to improve the repeated use rate and recycle rate of plastic package to 70%, even to 100% by 2025.

Case: Coco cola has PlantBottle packaging; PepsiCo is developing biodegradable resin films; Nestle,Danone and the US Origin Material company have organized NaturALL Bottle Alliance, aiming at commercially producing 100% biological PET containers; Unilever is also building new factory in Indonesia to test the commercial feasibility of its recycle system“CreaSolv”…

Discussion: What does new plastics economy change? How can packaging suppliers help brand owners to balance the relationships among materials, technology and cost? What kinds of opportunities and experience the commercialization will bring to medium and small-sized enterprises?


Speech Time: 14:00 - 14:40

Keynote Speech An Overview of Ready-to-Drinks’ Innovation Trend in 2018-2019(TBA)

Speech Time: 08:30 - 09:10



Dr. Shell Huang is Vice President of APAC R&D for The Coca-Cola Company, responsible forAsia Pacific Group R&D except Japan. In this role, Shell leads the APAC R&D team and partners with our stakeholders to deliver innovations that help to grow and sustain our business. Before this role, Shell was General Manager of Mexico R&D Center.

Shell joined Coca-Cola in 2005 in Global Packaging in the plastic packaging material area and moved to the role of Director of Global Packaging Research and Research Fellow in 2010, where she played a key role in leading the innovation of Plant Bottle® packaging, the first fully recyclable PET bottle partially made from plant-based materials.

In her role leading the ETA (External Technology Acquisition) function from 2012 to 2016, Shell transformed the ETA capability and function, and identified several technologies that are currently being implemented or are part of our innovation pipeline.

Prior to joining The Coca-Cola Company, Shell was R&D manager for INVISTA (now Indorama), a global polyester resin company and a key supplier to the Coca-Cola System. She led the global polyester R&D group and developed a series of performance resins used for food and beverage packaging, film, and fiber applications.

Shell holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Chemistry from Peking University, a Master’s of Science in Polymer Chemistry from the University of Connecticut, and a Ph. D in Polymer Science from the University of Akron. Shell is an inventor of over 35 US and world patents.

Shell is also a board member of Georgia Tech Research Corporation (GTRC).