David Zhang


Shanghai Totole Food Ltd


Where’s the road for Chinese F&B brands overseas expansion?

China has become the second largest economy in the world. However, the awareness of Chinese brands in the international market is surprisingly low. According to the Best Global Brands 2018 released by the world’s largest branding consultancy Interbrand, Huawei Technologies was the only Chinese brand that entered the top 100 list. Meanwhile, Chinese business schools have still paid more attention to the cultivation of “hard” skills in business management, and there are few courses on “soft” skills such as cross-cultural economic activities. However, western companies just do the opposite as they have entered the global market and engaged in economic activities with people of different nationalities in different regions far earlier. With hundreds of years’ accumulation, the culturally “soft” skills have been deeply rooted in their blood. In these situations, what are the obstacles to the internationalization of Chinese brands? This time, instead of a literal answer, we will invite the bravest F & B brands who have expanded overseas to share with us their best practices and practical applications.


Totole Group CEO, MBA, FCPA  

Served as Head of Sales in Nestle, Sr. Operation Director in Wyeth, Finance Director in Pfizer.